How to Set Intentions with Crystals

How to Set Intentions with Crystals: Connect with Your Crystal for Positive Energy

Did you know that crystals have the ability to absorb and carry energy? This is why they are often used in meditation and healing practices. When you set an intention with a crystal, you are tapping into that energy to help manifest your desired outcome. In this article, we will discuss how to set intentions with crystals and how to connect with your crystal for positive energy.

Why is setting intentions when using crystals important?

It is important to know what an intention is. An intention is a goal, desire, or purpose that you wish to manifest. It is important to be clear about your intention when using crystals, as this will help the crystal to send out the correct frequency and vibration to attract what you desire. When setting an intention with a crystal, you are harnessing the power of the crystal to help you achieve your goal.

First Step - how to set intentions with crystals

Firstly, it is important to keep an open mind when working with crystals, if you have any doubts about the outcome then it is unlikely that your goal will be achieved.

Self belief is so important enabling you to fully connect with your crystals to get the most out of them.

Second Step - how to set intentions with crystals

Secondly, it is very important that all the past energy of the crystal is cleared, a common method for achieving this is to smudge your crystal using white sage.

To achieve this simply light the white sage and hold your crystal so that the smoke from the white sage goes all around your crystal, this will clear all the energy that the crystal has built up over time.

Other methods for cleansing your crystal to reset it, are using running water or even the light from the sun or moon.

See our article, How to activate crystals, cleansing crystals, and why you should cleanse them for more information.

Third Step - how to set intentions with crystals

The third step is to connect fully with your crystal, learn the crystal’s name and find out what benefits the crystal is empowered to give you, this will help you to narrow down the intentions that you want that particular crystal to do for you.

Fourth Step - how to set intentions with crystals

The fourth step is to actually set the intention of your crystal, to do this is a good idea to find a peaceful area that is quiet and free from distraction, it is best practice to totally relax at this point either by meditating or listening to some peaceful soothing music.

Hold your crystal in your hand, close your eyes and let your thoughts guide you, try to use your mind to connect your thought with the crystal to focus on what the crystal is saying to you, what does it want to achieve for you?

After a few minutes, open your eyes and write down the intention that you have set for your crystal.

Now it is time to work with your crystal, hold it close to you as often as possible and focus on how you want to feel once your intention has been achieved.

Also, place the crystal in your home or at work where you will see it every day, the more you pay attention to the crystal the more the crystal will help to make your intention for that crystal come true.

When you have achieved your intention or goal that you set for the crystal, be sure to thank the crystal and cleanse it ready to be used again.

How many crystals should you use to set intentions?

Different crystals have different energies and frequencies, so it is important that you use the correct crystal for your intention.

There are no hard and fast rules about how many crystals you should use when setting intentions, but often using just one or two crystals is all that is needed to focus your energy and achieve your goal.

It is also a good idea to have different crystals for different purposes, so you can focus your intention on each crystal and what you want it to achieve for you.

How many crystals should you use to set intentions

Final Thoughts

When working with crystals it is important to remember that they are tools to help you focus your energy and achieve your goals, they are not a magic wand that will make all your dreams come true without any effort on your part.

You need to put in the hard work and the commitment to achieve your goals, but if you do this then working with crystals can be a very powerful way to help you manifest your desires.

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