How to find gemstones in nature

How to Find Gemstones in Nature: Where to Look and What to Do With Them


Do you love finding beautiful treasures in nature? If so, then you’ll love finding gemstones! In this blog post, we will teach you everything you need to know about how to find gemstones or crystals. We’ll discuss where to look for them, how to clean them, and even how to polish them so they shine brightly. So grab your hiking boots and let’s get started!

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Finding gemstones near water sources

how to find gemstones near water sources

Gemstones and crystals are a natural occurrence all over the world. They can be found in many different environments, from deserts to rain forests. However, there are a few places that are more likely to have these treasures in your location.

One of the best places to find gemstones is near water sources. This could be a riverbed, a lake shore, or even the ocean. The water wears away at the rocks, revealing any hidden crystals or gemstones. You might also want to explore caves or mountains, as these are also likely places to find crystals.

When you’re out exploring, keep your eyes peeled for anything that looks shiny or colorful. These could be signs of a Gemstone! It’s also a good idea to bring a small hammer or chisel with you, in case you need to break open a geode to reveal the treasure inside.

Rivers flow from mountains which causes the gemstones to tumble down the river. Because many gemstones are heavy they will gather on river bends or a slow-flowing section of a river, these areas are a great place to start your search for natural gemstones, geodes, or crystals.

Lakes can be a good source for finding natural crystals too. The water in a lake is usually very calm which causes the gemstones to sink to the bottom where they will collect in areas with sand or mud. Look for areas of a lake where there is little plant growth as this will likely indicate sandy or muddy conditions perfect for finding natural gemstones.

Streams may flow naturally into lakes and where they flow into the lake is a good spot to search, the gemstones will be tumbled down the stream and end up in the lake, because they are heavy they will gather in that area where the water stops flowing.

Finding geodes

finding geodes

Geodes are rocks that contain clusters of crystals and are often found around rocky beaches. If you’re lucky enough to find one of these, simply crack it open to reveal the beautiful crystals inside! a geode looks like a rock but it will be much less heavy because of the air pockets inside where the crystal formation is.

A Geode will look like an oval-shaped rock and small geodes will resemble an egg shape. The outside of a geode will be dull in color but the inside will have a sparkle to it. If you find a rock that has this appearance, then it’s definitely worth investigating further!

Finding natural crystals

how to find gemstones and natural crystals

When looking for natural crystals, you should explore areas that are rich in minerals. These could be mountains, deserts, or even hot springs. Hot springs are a great place to look for crystals, as the water often contains high levels of minerals.

Deserts are also a good place to find crystals, as they are often full of quartz. Quartz is the most common type of crystal, and can be found in a variety of colors.

If you’re lucky enough to find a natural crystal, then you can simply pick it up and take it home with you. However, if you want to clean it first, then here are a few tips.

Cleaning Your gemstones

When gemstones are found in nature they are very often dirty and need cleaning to reveal they’re true beauty.

The best way to clean gemstones is to place them in a bowl of lukewarm water with a little dish soap. Let them soak for a few minutes, then use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub away any dirt or debris. Rinse the gemstones well and allow them to air dry.

If your gemstones are extra dirty, you can make a paste out of baking soda and water. Rub this paste onto the gemstones, then rinse them well and allow them to air dry.

It is always a good idea to research the type of crystal or gemstone you are cleaning as some cleaning products such as baking soda may harm the crystal, so only use this method on very tough gemstones.

You can also use a jewelry cleaner to clean your gemstones. Simply follow the instructions on the jewelry cleaner bottle.

Polishing gemstones

Once your gemstones are clean, you might want to polish them to make them shine brightly.

There are a few different ways you can do this. One way is to use a polishing cloth. Simply rub the gemstones with the polishing cloth until they’re shiny.

Another way to polish gemstones is to use a jewelry buffer. This is a small tool that you can use to buff the gemstones until they shine.

You can also use a rotary tool with a polishing attachment to polish your gemstones. Simply follow the instructions that come with the rotary tool.

A rock tumbler is also a good method for polishing gemstones as it will shape and polish the stones at the same time.

No matter how you choose to polish your gemstones, be sure to do it gently so you don’t damage the stones.

There you have it! Now you know how to find gemstones in nature, and how to clean and polish them so they shine. Happy hunting!

What to do with your gemstones

Once you have found some beautiful gemstones there are many things that you can do with them. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make jewellery: You can use your gemstones to make beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and rings.
  • Reiki: Gemstones can be used for reiki, which is a form of alternative healing, cleanse the stones to empower your positive energy.
  • Decorate your home: Gemstones make great decoration pieces. You can place them in bowls or vases, or even use them to decorate picture frames.
  • Give them as gifts: Gemstones make great gifts for friends and family. You can give them as is, or use them to make homemade jewelry or other crafts.
  • Sell them: If you find a lot of gemstones, you could even sell them! This is a great way to make some extra money.

Using gemstones for meditation, yoga, and spiritual healing

using gemstones for meditation

Gemstones and crystals have the power of nature’s energy and can be used for healing, meditation, and yoga.

When using gemstones for meditation or yoga, it is important to cleanse the stones first so they are free of negative energy. Once they are cleansed, you can use them to help focus your energy and achieve a higher state of consciousness.

Gemstones can also be used for spiritual healing. If you are looking to connect with your higher self or the universe, then gemstones can help you do this.

There are many different ways that gemstones can be used. The best way to figure out how to use them is to experiment and find what works best for you. Trust your intuition and let the stones guide you on your journey.

Safety precautions when looking for gemstones and crystals

Safety is important when exploring for gemstones or crystals as some areas can be remote, hilly, and have a change in weather conditions.

Wear appropriate clothing for the environment you’ll be searching in, sturdy shoes, long pants, and sunscreen are a must. A hat will protect you from the sun and a raincoat or jacket is essential if there is any chance of rain.

If you are searching near rivers or lakes, be aware of the current and take caution not to get too close to the edge. Stay on well-marked trails and don’t venture off into areas that are unfamiliar to you.

It is always good practice to not venture out alone. Search for natural gemstones with a friend, plus it is not advisable to go near water if you cant swim.

Carry a first-aid kit with you, as well as plenty of water and snacks, a sturdy backpack is a good idea for all your equipment. Let someone know where you’re going and when you’ll be back.

And most importantly, have fun! Searching for gemstones is a great way to spend a day outdoors. Who knows, you might even find some treasure!

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Now you know how to find gemstones in nature, where to look for them, and what to do with them once you’ve found them. You also know some safety precautions to take when searching for gemstones. So get out there and start hunting for some treasures! And don’t forget to have fun!

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