Why Cleansing Crystals is Important and How To Cleanse Your Crystals For Positive Energy

Why Cleansing Crystals is Important and How To Cleanse Your Crystals For Positive Energy

This post sheds light on you why cleansing crystals is important and nine methods you can use to cleanse your crystals. Choose any of these methods that suits your needs and re-energize your crystals.

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Introduction: The Power of Crystals

Crystals have been utilized as a kind of alternative medicine for centuries because they function as energy sponges, absorbing and cleansing bad energy that has been trapped.

A lot of people also utilize crystals for spiritual reasons and see them as holy.

While these wonderful tiny diamonds are very strong, they, like you, have their limitations. Crystals may include a small amount of foreign matter, such as dust and dirt, or even negative energy.

Maintaining crystals in good condition is critical since it may alter their quality and potency. Additionally, purifying your crystals assists in dispersing any negative energy that may be lurking inside them and revitalizes their ability to heal.

Whether you are an experienced crystal collector or a beginner using crystals, cleansing your crystals is an essential aspect of the process.

There are a number of various approaches to this, which are primarily dependent on your particular tastes and the resources available to you.

Any of the techniques outlined below are excellent for various crystals, natural stones, healing stones, porous stones, hard stones, delicate crystals, and healing crystals. The steps are the same whether you are cleansing a new crystal or one you have owned for years.

A Few Words of Caution Regarding Crystal Cleaning

It is not recommended to clean crystals using any abrasive cleansers that might cause surface damage to your stones.

(Bleach is particularly hazardous since it corrodes them.) If you attempt this on a soft stone such as Selenite, It will shatter or disintegrate entirely if exposed to excessive wetness.

Always consult a qualified individual if you are unsure how to clean a specific kind of crystal, since each mineral has its own unique set of cleaning procedures.

Cleaning crystals may be accomplished in a variety of ways.

Some may prove to be more effective than others.

In general, everything works better and faster when one component is added: Patience.

If your intuition tells you to use caution while scrubbing softer stones, you are correct.

Why Is Crystal Cleansing Critical?

Crystals’ unique composition enables them to collect, purify, and release energy at a rate unmatched by any other material in the world.

Due to their great permeability, energy adheres to them like glue. Therefore, it is critical to cleanse crystals prior to doing any work with them.

When compared to cooking, it is easy to see why you would want to wash crystals first – you would not cook with a filthy utensil.

The old filth clinging to the pot would contaminate the new food, resulting in an unappealing meal.

In this regard, crystals operate similarly to food, except that we are dealing with energy.

Crystal cleansing is a necessary part in any crystalline exercise or ceremony.

Establishing a pure slate that is responsive to your goals and energies is critical for healing and manifestation.

Cleaning crystals restores them to their full potential and effectiveness, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your crystal quickly and efficiently.

Nine Efficient Methods For Cleaning Your Crystals

full moon new moon crystal cleansing

Full Moon/New Moon Crystal Cleansing

Crystals and moonlight are inextricably linked. There is something magical about the feminine energy of a full moon, as well as the deep breath of a new moon.

The moon has been used for generations to cleanse crystals on a deep energy level.

Moonlight also aids in the absorption of loving feminine energy by your stones.

A full moon has a release energy, while a new moon carries a growth energy.

Just before going to bed, put your crystals on your windowsill and keep them there overnight. This allows sufficient time for your gems to absorb all of the beautiful light.

Even if you cannot commit to the whole night, a few hours will suffice.

This technique of scrubbing is ideal for all stones, but particularly those that are resistant to water.

Cleaning Crystals with Solar or Lunar Eclipses

An eclipse is an incredible energy force that provides the same sensation as turning a page in a fresh book.

Whenever a solar or lunar eclipse occurs, this might be the ideal time to recharge your crystals with brand new energy.

During this natural phenomenon, dramatic alterations might occur.

The lunar eclipse is strongly associated with significant interior shifts and changes, but the solar eclipse is associated with exterior upheavals and dramatic changes in the way life is structured.

This is an excellent chance for individuals who are trapped in sluggish energy to re-energize.

Determine the date of the next solar or lunar eclipse and place your jewels on a windowsill, balcony, or other safe outdoor spots where they may absorb the bright light.

If you choose the solar eclipse charge, ensure that your crystals are resistant to sunlight.

Direct sunlight may cause some gems to fade, and even warm sun-colored stones, should not be exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time.

Clear Quartz is an excellent gemstone for both cleaning and charging.

Cleansing Crystals with Salt Water

As anybody who has ever had a cleansing swim in the ocean will attest, saltwater is a natural healer.

Cleaning your crystals with saltwater assists in absorbing undesirable energy and expelling all shades of negativity.

Saltwater is the ideal medium for gently moving your jewels and unleashing the tidal force of trust and transformation.

If you live near the ocean, you may gather a bowl of saltwater for your crystals; but, if you live on land, worry not — adding salt to water will work as well.

Ensure that your crystals are entirely immersed in saltwater for a number of hours, or even a whole day if you can stand being without for that long.

Always pat dry thoroughly after removing your stones.

Bear in mind that not all crystals like water.

While harder stones such as amethyst and quartz will do well, softer and more porous stones such as malachite, lepidolite, selenite, and angelite should avoid contact with water or be cleansed using this approach.

Crystal Cleaning by Smudging

Smudging is yet another age-old practice that often utilizes sage, cedar, lavender, and sweetgrass, to mention a few plants to cleanse crystals.

Anybody who has ever smudged a space to remove negative energy can attest to its effectiveness.

Sage is the most preferred option due to its many medicinal benefits. This powerful plant cleanses, connects us to the spirit world, dispels bad energy, and soothes all forms of stress.

This is just the vibration your worn-out crystal needs.

When smudging your stones, be careful to do it near an open window or outside to provide a channel for negative energy.

For the finest and cleanest results, use bundled sage sticks.

With the tip of the sage stick in one hand as well as the stone in the other, wave the sage over the stone for at least 30 seconds to allow the smoke to surround it.

One of the finest aspects of the smudging approach is that it can be used on any crystal, particularly Pyrite, which you don’t want to lose its sparkling brilliance.

Crystal cleansing with Sunlight

While the moon is loaded with feminine energy, the sun’s golden glow imparts a more masculine vibe and emphasizes vigor, energy, and life-giving power.

The sun is a formidable force, as anybody who has ever wiped away the winter blues by facing the sun knows.

Wait for a lovely day or a clear sky before setting your stone out to warm in the sunlight.

Nothing is more pleasant than holding a sun-drenched stone in your palm and having that delight transmit to the depths of your spirit.

While the brilliance of sunlight is an excellent method to amp up the purifying power of your diamond, not all stones are summer and sunlight friendly.

Certain crystals may fade and lose their brilliance if kept in direct sunlight for an extended period of time, and no stone should be placed in direct sunlight for a long period.

In sunshine, darker stones such as Hematite and red and orange stones such as Carnelian perform well.

Ametrine, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Calcite, Beryl, and Citrine (despite their bright disposition) are just a few of the rare gems that should not be cleansed in the sun.

Crystal Cleansing with Sound

Another safe and effective method for purifying and charging crystals is via the use of sound.

Utilizing sound energy to flow over your crystal and re-vibrate it is a fantastic, risk-free method of washing your stones.

This is a time-saving solution for individuals who have a large collection of crystals that might take an eternity to wash and charge individually.

It makes no difference if you use chanting, tuning forks, or the lovely pitch of a singing bowl or bells; what counts is that the music reaches a vibration that permeates the stones to resinate positive energy.

This technique may be used on any stone, and the sound treatment should not last more than five minutes.

Why crystal cleansing is important cleanse with sound

Cleansing Smaller Crystals with Larger Stones

Geodes and slabs may also be used to cleanse smaller crystals.

Charging your gems with larger stones is a simple and fuss-free approach to allow your gems to heal and exchange energy.

Quartz and Selenite are very adept at purifying other crystals.

Clear Quartz is considered as the master healer, while Selenite is an expert in dispelling negative energies.

To clean your other crystals with bigger geodes, clusters, and slabs, just place the smaller gems on top of the larger stones.

If the balancing task seems too difficult, you may simply place them in a bag or set them on a plate next to each other.

Allow them to interact with one another’s emotions for six hours, or overnight if you also have the patience.

Crystal Cleansing by Burying in Soil

The soil is one of the most stabilizing elements available to us, and stepping barefoot on dirt or grass may instantly cleanse and re-energize the soul.

The same is true with crystals. Burying your crystals in soil is an excellent technique to re-ground them and allow any negative energy to escape.

The burying procedure is one of the more robust options for individuals who want to shake up their jewels and make them sparkling clean after some intense energy treatment.

Locate a secure and sacred location to bury your stone; it might be a location that has particular meaning for you, under the boughs of a cherished tree, or perhaps in your own garden.

Subsequently, bury them in the dirt a few inches deep. Leave for at least 24 hours or three days if you have the patience.

Tigers Eye, Citrine, Carnelian, Jasper, Calcite, and Agate are all stones that embrace soil purification.

Crystal Cleaning by Visualization/Meditation

You may also cleanse and charge your stones by the use of your own intuitive abilities.

Cleaning your stones using visualization and meditation techniques may be an excellent approach to reinforce your connection to your crystals.

As they have given to you, you may return the favor.

This really is one of the safest methods of crystal cleansing, since there is no possibility of the stones’ natural equilibrium being disturbed by water, dirt, sun, or any other factor.

However, it is critical that you be in a positive state of mind and that you ground and link your energy such that your stone is not required to perform any work.

With your dominant hand, hold the stone and ground your energy till you are focused.

Consider holding a vast white light in your palms, enveloping the diamond and permeating every pore.

Concentrate on all the impurities and bad energies that are dissipating from your stone and being replaced with pure, brilliant light.

This technique may take several minutes, and you should only perform this with a stone at a time to ensure that your energy is properly focused.

You may do this exercise with any of your gemstones.

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This article has discussed why cleansing crystals is important and how to do so.

Crystals are capable of picking up bad vibrations from a variety of sources.

This includes powerful emotions caused by others, radiation, and even contaminants in your house.

You should cleanse/charge your crystals regularly prior to storing them to ensure that they can be reused afterwards.

You may also cleanse your crystals on a regular basis and according to your own requirements.

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