Citrine Calcite Healing Crystal to bring happiness, health, and optimism, chakra for citrine is throat crystals with a soft golden glow Price: £6.34 (as of 08/04/2023 04:27 PST- Details)

Stone Types: Calcite
Birth Signs: Cancer
Chakras: Throat

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Citrine Calcite Healing Crystal

These Citrine Calcite crystals have a soft golden glow that lights up any crystal collection. Citrine Calcite is said to bring happiness, health, and optimism. It has soft, tranquil energy believed to comfort, soothe and revitalise, especially in times of need. Calcite is found in many differently coloured forms, each with its own character. This citrine calcite specimen is a perfect marriage of beauty and energy and is both sunny and positive in equal measure.

  • Stone Sorts: Calcite
  • Delivery Indicators: Most cancers
  • Chakras: Throat

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